1st BASE facility offers ISO clean room capabilities for customers who need their product parts processed in a clean, controlled environment.
Operational capacity of more than 1300sqm and 4 separate ISO Class 7 cleanrooms of over 270sqm.


Clean Room

Our ISO 7 Cleanroom offers ideal environments for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food processing and other applications which have high requirements of cleanliness. Clean rooms enable an environment with low particulate by controlling and filtering air through HEPA filters, removing 99.9% of all particles. The clean rooms are routinely monitored for viable airborne contamination, particulate and debris contamination to ensure conformance with the ISO standards of the clean room environment. Within our clean room, we have different equipment and set up to meet different job functions.

Controlled Environments

At the same time, we offer various other controlled manufacturing environments (HEPA & non-HEPA filtered conditions) including laminar flow devices, chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets and PCR cabinets. This also enables us to handle hazardous substances such as liquid or solid chemicals or biological agents.
1st BASE’s various controlled environment module enables:

  • Personal protection from harmful agents within the cabinet
  • Product protection to avoid contamination of the samples
  • Environmental Protection from contaminants contained within the cabinet

Maintenance & Certifications

We adopt various methods to maintain and evaluate our Cleanroom environment. Particle count readings are deployed periodically and limits are established for each Classroom specification. Environmental Monitoring are routinely conducted to detect viable contamination on work surfaces and environment through the use of settle plates and contact plates. Each test provides confidence and assurance that environment is conducive for your product's manufacturing time within our facility.

  • Cleanrooms and Controlled Envionment comply with ISO 14644 standards
  • Cleanroom Certifications: ISO 7 and ISO 8 
  • Laminar flow devices, biological safety cabinets and automated dispensing robots comply up to ISO 5 Cleanroom standards
  • Establishment of environmental monitoring systems
    • Particulate monitoring system
    • Viable monitoring system
    • Surface contamination monitoring system
    • Cleanliness measurement system