BrandNameCatalog NumberSize
Revive OrgantechCRYO-GOLD Cryopreservation MediumRO10003-01100 mL
ReproCELLDissociation Solution for Human ES/iPS CellsRCHETP00230 mL
CryoStem™Freezing Medium01-0013-5050 ml
ReproCELLFreezing Medium for Human ES/iPS CellsRCHEFM00125 mL
Stemgent®hES Cell Cloning & Recovery Supplement01-0014-5005 x 100 μl
Stemgent®MesoFate™ Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Medium00-0072500 ml + supplement
ReproCELLPrimate ES Cell Culture MediumRCHEMD001500 mL
ReproCELLReproCoat Coating SolutionRCHEOT001500 mL
ReproCELLReproCryo DMSO Free Cryopreservation MediumRCHEFM00250 mL
ReproCELLReproFF2 Cell Culture MediumRCHEMD006500ML
Pluriton™Reprogramming Medium00-0070500 ml
ReproCELLReproStem Cell Culture MediumRCHEMD005500 mL
ReproCELLReproXF Culture MediumRCHEMD007500 mL
AjinomotoStemFit® Basic02 Cell Culture MediumASB01500 mL
NutriStem™XF/FF Culture Medium for Human iPS and ES Cells01-0005500 ml
01-0005-100100 ml

Cytokines / Proteins

Cytokines (growth factors) play a central role in the self-renewal and differentiation of embryonic stem (ES) induced pluripotent (iPS) cells, as well as, in the reprogramming of somatic cells to iPS cells.

Cytokines typically serve as messengers between cells and elicit a cascade of intracellular signaling sequences by binding to transmembrane receptors.
The timing, localization, concentration, and the combination of various factors is crucial to cell type specification and maturation, as well as, establishing
the essential environment for the maintenance of cells in vivo and in vitro.

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Stemgent® Stemfactor™ recombinant human proteins and cytokines are extensively tested to ensure purity, stability, and high biological activity.

BrandNameCatalog NumberSize
Stemfactor™Activin A, Human Recombinant03-00015 μg
Stemfactor™B18R Recombinant Protein, Carrier-free03-001750 ug
Stemfactor™BMP-4, Human Recombinant03-000710 μg
Stemfactor™FGF-basic, Human Recombinant03-000250 μg
Stemfactor™LIF, Human Recombinant03-00161 ml, 10 μg/ml
03-0016-1001 ml, 100 μg/ml
Stemfactor™LIF, Mouse Recombinant03-00111 ml, 10 μg/ml
03-0011-1001 ml, 100 μg/ml
Stemfactor™Noggin, Human Recombinant03-000610 μg
Stemfactor™Sonic Hedgehog, Human Recombinant03-000825 μg
Stemfactor™TGF-β1, Human Recombinant03-00045 μg

Reprogramming Systems

RNA Reprogramming Systems for Fibroblasts and Blood

Highly Efficient Reprogramming

The Stemgent RNA Reprogramming System provides efficiencies greater than 1% as compared to other methods, which yield reprogramming efficiencies varying from 0.00001% to 0.1%. In addition to increased yield of colonies and fast reprogramming kinetics, RNA-based reprogramming does not require laborious multi-step downstream passaging or screening for viral vector retention or genomic integration.

Fibroblast Reprogramming

The Stemgent microRNA-boosted mRNA reprogramming system, combining the mRNA Reprogramming Kit (00-0071)  with the microRNA Booster Kit (00-0073) and the Stemfect™ RNA Transfection Kit (00-0069), provides high-quality reprogramming of adult and neonatal fibroblasts. The microRNA Booster Kit (00-0073) increases the success with highly refractory target cells, improves efficiency, and reduces the cost per well.

Blood Reprogramming

The Stemgent StemRNA™-SR Reprogramming Kit (00-0075), using self-replicative RNA, is the first RNA-based reprogramming kit for blood derived cells.  Starting with genetically stable endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs), easily isolated from whole blood or frozen MNCs, this technology can efficiently generate iPSCs that are free integrated vector and ready to differentiate or scale up.


BrandNameCatalog NumberSize
Stemgent®c-Myc mRNA, Human05-001820 μg
Stemgent®eGFP mRNA05-002020 μg
Stemgent®Klf4 mRNA, Human05-001520 μg
Stemgent®L-Myc mRNA, Human05-002220 μg
Stemgent®Lin28 mRNA, Human05-001720 μg
Stemgent®microRNA Booster Kit00-00731 kit
Stemgent®mRNA Reprogramming Factors Set: hOKSML00-00671 Set
Stemgent®mRNA Reprogramming Kit00-00711 kit
Stemgent®Nanog mRNA, Human05-002120 μg
Stemgent®nGFP mRNA05-001920 μg
Stemgent®Oct4 mRNA, Human05-001420 μg
Stemgent®Sox2 mRNA, Human05-001620 μg
Stemgent®StemRNA™-NM Reprogramming Kit00-00761 kit
Stemgent®StemRNA™-SR Reprogramming Kit00-00751 Kit

Small Molecules for Stem Cell Research

Stemgent® offers a unique collection of small molecules, Stemolecules™, that can be used to dissect and modulate key signaling pathways involved in the self-renewal and differentiation of pluripotent stem cells, cellular reprogramming for the generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, and induction and maintenance of the naïve state.

Stemolecules are stringently tested for high purity (≥98%), structurally verified by NMR and mass spectrometry, and tested for cytotoxicity on stem cells.
Many Stemolecules are used routinely at ReproCELL to enhance iPS cell generation and maintain pluripotent stem cell cultures.

BrandNameCatalog NumberSize
Stemolecule™A76966204-005210 mg
Stemolecule™A83-0104-00142 mg
04-0014-1010 mg
Stemolecule™ALK5 Inhibitor (RepSox)04-00151 mg
Stemolecule™All-Trans Retinoic Acid04-0021100 mg
Stemolecule™AM58004-00775 mg
Stemolecule™BI-D187004-005110 mg
Stemolecule™BIO04-00032 mg
Stemolecule™BIX0129404-00025 mg
Stemolecule™CD43704-00785 mg
Stemolecule™CHIR9902104-00042 mg
04-0004-1010 mg
Stemolecule™CHIR99021 in Solution04-0004-022 mg (10 mM)
Stemolecule™Cyclopamine04-00222 mg
Stemolecule™DAPT04-00415 mg
Stemolecule™Dorsomorphin04-00242 mg
Stemolecule™Doxycycline hyclate04-001610 mg
SRP002-22 x 5mg
Stemolecule™Forskolin04-002510 mg
Stemolecule™GDC-094104-00475 mg
Stemolecule™GSK429286A04-00492 mg
Stemolecule™IDE-104-00262 mg


BrandNameCatalog NumberSize
Stemolecule™IDE-204-00272 mg
Stemolecule™IM-1204-00812 mg
Stemolecule™IPA-304-00375 mg
Stemolecule™KAAD-Cyclopamine04-0028100 μg
Stemolecule™LDN-19318904-00742 mg
04-0074-1010 mg
Stemolecule™LDN-193189 in Solution04-0074-022 mg (10 mM)
Stemolecule™LY41157504-00545 mg
Stemolecule™PD032590104-00062 mg
04-0006-1010 mg
Stemolecule™PD0325901 in Solution04-0006-022 mg (10 mM)
Stemolecule™PD17307404-00082 mg
Stemolecule™Pifithrin-μ04-00395 mg
Stemolecule™Purmorphamine04-00095 mg
Stemolecule™Pyrintegrin04-00721 mg
Stemolecule™R(+)Bay K 864404-00135 mg
Stemolecule™RG10804-000110 mg
Stemolecule™ROCK II Inhibitor04-00302 mg
Stemolecule™SB43154204-00105 mg
04-0010-1010 mg
Stemolecule™SB431542 in Solution04-0010-055 mg (10 mM)
Stemolecule™SB59088504-00802 mg
Stemolecule™SC1 (Pluripotin)04-00111 mg


BrandNameCatalog NumberSize
Stemolecule™SHH Antagonist04-00322 mg
Stemolecule™SMO Antagonist04-00312 mg
Stemolecule™Sodium Butyrate04-0005500 mg
Stemolecule™Thiazovivin04-00171 mg
Stemolecule™Valproic Acid04-00075 g
Stemolecule™WH-4-02304-00792 mg
Stemolecule™Wnt Inhibitor IWP-204-00342 mg
Stemolecule™Wnt Inhibitor IWP-304-00352 mg
Stemolecule™Wnt Inhibitor IWP-404-00362 mg
Stemolecule™XAV93904-00462 mg
Stemolecule™Y2763204-00122 mg
04-0012-1010 mg
Stemolecule™Y27632 Dihydrochloride Hydrate04-0012-H-1010 mg
Stemolecule™Y27632 in Solution04-0012-022 mg (10 mM)